Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Adjust your Minimum Pressure Threshold

Currently TireTraker's minimum pressure alarm threshold is set at -15% of the baseline pressure. Some of you have requested being able to adjust that threshold ("I'd like to be able to enter the low pressure signaling thresholds instead of having them hard-wired as a percent of the target pressure"). At the moment, there isn't an option in the system to change that, BUT you can trick TireTraker into using a different threshold by adjusting your baseline.

For example, say your baseline pressure is 100 lbs, then the minimum alarm threshold would be 85 lbs (-15% of 100). If you wanted the threshold to be set at 90 lbs, then change the baseline to 106 lbs. 85% of that would be 90 lbs. Make sense?

It would of course slightly increase your over-pressure alarm, but by my reckoning, that less important than the under-pressure alarm.